1.FDA moves to encourage A.I. in medicine, drug development

The Food and Drug Administration is promoting the use of AI in the development of drug and medicine; the agency is developing a new framework to promote innovation with the help of the Artificial Intelligence technology.

It has issued pre-certification programmer to encourage certain firms to follow a regulatory process.

2.A new AI application can write code by itself!

A new invention by the computer scientists, Bayou, which is a coding application based on deep-learning which takes in source code from repositories like GitHub. According to the co-creator of this application Swarat Chaudhuri, Bayou has the ability to read the programmers mind and foresee their desired program with just a bit of information.

3.Amazon to hire more in its Boston Tech Hub

To up the game for Alexa and the web services, the e-commerce giants are planning to create about 2000 jobs in their Boston Tech Hub.

With the demands of adopting virtual assistants, Amazon will hire more than 1200 in their second headquarters to invent new capabilities and products for their customers.

4.Vatican Secret Archives deciphered with artificial intelligence

After centuries of thorough research and analyzing the transcripts of Galileo's trial, scientists have a found a way to digitize handwritten Latin text to resolve the previous process of reading every word from the transcript.

Students and researchers have trained a machine learning program to convert the transcribe several pages.

5.Rolls-Royce eyes next-gen AI to increase digital services

Rolls-Royce is set to collaborate with research institutes of UK and Germany to boost the AI abilities on the industries and to tackle real-life problems by training the future generations in the field of AI.